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Each business in Latvia is obliged to keep accounts, submit monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, calculate and pay taxes to the State Budget and respond timely to the requests of the tax service. To keep accounting, to calculate and charge the taxes, you need a local specialist or a company having the certificate of professional liability insurance. Reporting and communication with the tax service take place within the Electronic Declaration System (EDS) in Latvian.

What is it, accounting support from the company MARX?

  • Modern and transparent;
  • Developed system of personal data protection (privacy policy);
  • Professional liability is covered by insurance of 40 000 €;
  • Complies with the European standards;
  • Complies with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Complies with the requirements of Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.

What experience do we have in bookkeeping?

MARX Company has been providing accounting services since 2015. It is a member of the Association of Accountants of Latvia (LRGA) since 2017. The professional liability is insured. For the present, we serve more than 50 companies and about 20 different business activities. MARX provides accounting which complies with the laws and the regulations of the Republic of Latvia and with the European standards (IFRS); it complies with the requirements of the Law on Prevention of Legalization of Illegally Acquired Funds and Financing of Terrorism; there also has been developed a system of personal data protection. In addition to the accounting specialists, we also have tax specialists and lawyers; we advise on financial and business issues, and therefore the company can provide the clients with universal support in any accounting, financial, tax, and / or legal matters.

Marx Company provides accounting outsourcing in Latvia on a turnkey basis.

Depending on the needs and objectives of your business, we can render the following services:

  • Accounting: full or incomplete cycle (for instance, property accounting, debtors/creditors, Bank / cash, etc.);
  • HR, personnel movements, salaries/wages, temporary staff (for example, payroll calculation, hiring and firing, business trips and business travel, vacations, office work);
  • Preparation and submission of tax reports (for example, reports on VAT, on payroll, on corporate income tax, on excise tax, etc.);
  • Preparation and submission of annual financial statements (for instance, balance sheet, profit or loss statement, balance sheet annexes, cash flow statement, management communication, etc.);
  • Representing the client’s interests in dealing with auditors and / or government agencies, and solving problems on behalf of the client;

In total, we serve more than 50 companies, which differ in size and type of activity. In addition to the standard set of accounting services, we can also offer you the following services:

  • Audit and verification (statutory (mandatory) audit and internal audit).
  • Business plans and forecasts (for personal purposes and for the purposes of obtaining financing).
  • Management of commercial real estate (business management, leasing, administration, purchase/sale)
  • Estimation of business (in the process of buying or selling the business / assets)
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What are the benefits which you receive working with us?
You will collaborate with a team that understands the need and importance of accounting for your company. Your documents will be prepared in a timely manner and beautifully placed into folders, reporting will be submitted on time, and the tax service will not burden you with unnecessary questions. Our team consists of people who are experts in their fields. People who have dedicated their lives to numbers and who find pleasure in working with figures. They are people with extensive experience in accounting and finance. We have been providing comprehensive accounting services in Latvia for more than 5 years, and we have set the ambitious goals for business development and its scaling for the next 5 years. We value your time, and therefore we have structured our website in such a way as to present you only the necessary information to make a decision in choosing an accounting company. On behalf of Marx Company, we thank you for your time and interest. We are open for cooperation and will wait for feedback from you.
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