Legal Services

Each business faces the need for legal support, whether it is the reservation of various statements and certificates, translation and legalization of documents, or legal advice and preparation of the package of documents accompanying the transaction.
Marx Company covers completely the needs of business for legal support by offering comprehensive legal services, legal advice, as well as individual legal services.

Services for the Register of Enterprises

  1. Registration of company in Latvia
  2. Change of the name
  3. Change of legal address
  4. Change of owners and Board members
  5. Re-registration of authorized capital stock
  6. Liquidation of the company (to close the company in Latvia)
  7. Other changes

Drawing up the Agreements

  1. Employment agreements
  2. Purchase / sale agreements
  3. Loan and assignment agreements
  4. Car rental agreement, real estate rent agreement
  5. Gift contract
  6. Proxies
  7. Other agreements

Obtaining the Information Sheets, Certificates, Statements

  1. Residence certificate
  2. Copies of statutory documents
  3. Information about the state of the company (RU, LV, ENG)
  4. Certificate of debts to the state budget
  5. Set of documents for registration of a subsidiary company

Complementary Services

  1. Translation of documents
  2. Notarization of documents
  3. Apostilization and legalization of documents
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One-time services. One-time services for drafting documents and / or contracts. Each document is paid for.

Legal support. In case of support, the customer does not pay extra for the preparation of documents and / or contracts. Everything is included in the monthly maintenance bill.


Standard. The price of services is standardized. The market price is assigned for the standard documents/contracts. The exception is the documents and / or contracts developed with considering the individual needs of the customer.

Legal support. Legal services can be included in the price of accounting services. In this case, a preliminary agreed monthly subscription fee is paid.

Open an account in Latvia (Latvian Bank)
Open an account in Latvia (Latvian Bank)
Accounting Services
Accounting Services
Company registration in Latvia
Company registration in Latvia
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