To buy company in Latvia during 24 hours

Ready Company purchasing The company, which you buy has a completely transparent and comprehensive history; It is not burdened with anything, has no debts or hidden obligations; We prepare documents for re-registration within 1 hour; The company becomes yours within 24 hours.

List of reasons to buy a product (benefit, advantage and profit)

You can check any of the companies in the official database of lursoft.

  1. Fast and guaranteed (reliable, safe);
  2. Transparent and clear history;
  3. Full legal and accounting support;
  4. Companies are always available;
  5. Ability to choose any unique name when re-registering;
  6. Registration, translation and certification of documents is included in the price;
  7. Re-registration fee is included in the price;
  8. Good discounts

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the purchased company.
If for some (objective) reason the purchased company does not suit you, we will always be able to offer you another one in return or refund your money.

If you already have a company in mind, we can conduct an independent internal audit and assess the risks associated with the purchase.

What will we do and what documents will we check?

  • constituent document
  • financial statements for 3 years
  • correctness of conducting accounting and tax risks
  • burdening (the process of liquidation, insolvency, late payments, commercial loans, collateral)
  • collect the available information from open / paid sources;
Legal Services
Legal Services
Company registration in Latvia
Company registration in Latvia
Open an account in Latvia (Latvian Bank)
Open an account in Latvia (Latvian Bank)
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