Real estate maintenance

We are looking for objects of commercial real estate in Riga and Riga region for long-term lease of.

Commercial real estate management in Riga, Commercial real estate maintenance in Riga
  • We will help you find / buy an object of real property, invest capital for 5-10% per annum;
  • We will find tenants and ensure a stable cash flow;
  • We will equip the facility with all the necessary infrastructure’s elements (security, video surveillance, chips / codes, interior and exterior elements);
  • We will provide the facility management of real property’s object;

Rent of a large commercial space

We are looking for rent premises (from 150+ m2) to create there a coworking space. In the premises there should be able to create all the necessary for coworking infrastructure - the installation of furniture and lighting, meeting rooms, video surveillance, telecommunications. There should be easy access to the premises. Parking. We guarantee the owners of commercial real estate timely payment, safety and security of the premises.

Rent of residential real property

We will rent residential real estate objects (apartments) located in the Riga center in order to re-lease them for sublease (daily rent).

In accordance with the agreement, the company (we) is responsible for the rented property, for its safety, and undertakes to compensate all the costs incurred as a result of increased wear and tear.

We guarantee to property owners to pay rent immediately for 3-6 months in advance.

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